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Corporate Finance & Capital Markets


Stella Murugi

Senior Partner
+254 (020) 2400043

Kenya has one of the fastest growing economies in Africa with the ability to raise funds necessary for growth being a critical factor. Key in facilitating this growth is the Financial Services industry. Players in the financial industry require sophisticated, cutting-edge business and legal representation to help them comply with the changing legal and regulatory landscape and to prosper in an ever-changing business environment. Our team is well versed in asset based financial structures and debt and equity structured financial transactions.  We represent the full spectrum of participants in corporate finance and capital markets transactions including equity investors, lenders, lessors, lessees, banks, insurance companies, investment managers, pension plans, corporate trustees, joint venture entities, debt and equity syndicates.  Mwale & Company Advocates understands the different and unique needs of players in the finance industry and therefore aptly crafts strategies that help our client reach their business goals.  We distinguish ourselves in this area by our ability to handle complex transactions and render end-to-end services on transactions such as legal advice on tax, project finance, bankruptcy and insolvency, bank, insurance and capital markets regulation, real estate, securities law, corporate governance and reporting requirements.  Our experience spans a broad range of transactions including structured credit, convertible bonds, derivatives and private placements.  We handle the negotiation, documentation, structuring, and regulatory concerns of financial and securities transactions.